Shamanic Practice

What is Shamanism and Shamanic Practice?

Shamanism, the world's oldest healing tradition, is found in all cultures on Earth.

Shamanic Practice is a gentle and compassionate practice drawn from the Ancient Wisdom of many cultures across the Earth. The common elements in these all relate to all things having spiritual energy and their connection to each other, Mother Earth and the Celestial bodies throughout our Solar system and the Universe. An obvious example being that as the moon tugs and pulls the ocean, so does it draw all water including our bodies which are 80% water. Western ways have removed awareness of this vital truth.

The spiritual energy within all things vibrates according to each individual nature. Within humans the vibration reflects the experiences both good and not so good to traumatic. Through Shamanic Practice the negative energies are transformed into loving light energies allowing for

As participants in Earth’s environment awareness of the physical layout and dimensions of it is vital to shamanic practice. These eight directions provide an amazing framework for understanding our place on Earth and informing the living our lives.

Symbols, rituals and archetypal roles that are used similarly in indigenous cultures across the world are the language that is best understood by our unconscious brain. Jung understood this when he studied indigenous cultures across the world; cultures that were in no way physically linked. These are powerful Shamanic tools that allow you to change the way you understand and respond to the world around you; allowing you to grow into the brilliant spirit that is you.

Shamanism introduces the beauty of story and journeying into the healing process.
Through this process you take a Life Healing Journey to a deeper level of consciousness where you can safely explore and transform negative past experiences; bringing back the light positive learning to be lived in the present.

Through Shamanic Practice you will come to know yourself well and will learn tools/skills that will assist you in your Life Healing Journey.

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