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Feeling alone in this World can be daunting at times. Often we have to find strength from within ourselves in order to cope with life’s situations.

This is when Spirit Guides are a very useful ‘tool’ to help us manage.

I have a white wolf as my animal guide. I often feel him walking beside me, reminding me of my strengths and giving me courage to follow through.

One day, feeling down, I happened to notice the picture above on the wall of the office where I was working, and there, practically leaping out of the picture was my white wolf! I had never noticed him before but there he was at this crucial time, reminding me that I share his strengths; I just need reminding that I have them inside ready to use!.

Can you see him?

He is to the right of the jar near the reeds.

He reminds me that I have the strength, the tenacity and the skills to do what I choose to achieve in this world; to face and overcome all the challenges … and that everything is as it should be!

Wolf picture 2

drum and wolf1
┬áMy beautiful white wolf shining out of this picture on the wall – reminding me –

I have the strength and tenacity to meet all of the challenges I face in this world … and all is as it should be!

And here is the painting I did of my wolf not log after he began journeying alongside me.

I wonder what your power animals are and what strengths they remind you of and what messages they bring you? When you journey to meet your power animals you are in a dimension where they can talk to you and help you to find answers to your questions.

So, if you haven’t experienced this and would like to, contact me and we will journey together!

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