Self Care: Be Grounded

GroundingWhat keeps you grounded, strong in your self belief and purpose?

When you are ‘grounded’ you are able to deal with all situations without your emotions dictating to you. You feel ‘centred’ and able to express your ‘truth’.

Knowing yourself well; your values and beliefs is a good start. Consciously deciding to live your values and beliefs is also a great help!

Physically grounding yourself is a ‘Building block’ that will start you on the path to knowing yourself well. After cleansing rain that had kept me inside, I went for a much needed walk this morning along the local track along the creek. As I walked I consciously placed my feet one after the other carefully on the ground as the path  was slippery after so much rain. As I placed my feet I imagined the energy going through the sole of my shoe into the ground, all the way down into Mother Earth. Along with my focussed attention, I used my breath, breathing in as I lifted my foot and breathing out as my attention went down my leg into the Earth. In doing this I was consciously grounding myself as I walked. This is a Chi Gong technique.

Whether you ‘believe’ that this will work or not, give it a try and see how you feel differently afterwards. Do it a few times before you decide if it works! How will you know? Your feelings of rushing and anxiety will lessen and you will feel
‘centred’ and able to express your ‘truth’.

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