What is Grounding?

My sister once said to me, “Betsy I sometimes think that I need to grab your feet
and pull you back down to Earth!” And as usual she is right. My brain takes over, ideas
and thoughts and conversations rattling around and repeating themselves, and I am
doing bits of at least ten different things at once!

When I am like this, I am definitely NOT grounded!

What does ‘grounded’ mean?

Being grounded means that I feel the weight of my body upon the ground and I feel fully present
within it. Becoming grounded happens when I become aware of my energy, my body and my spirit
and they are in synch. The aura; the energy field around our body, sometimes gets out of shape and
unbalanced and when this happens I need to ground myself so that I feel complete; Whole,

What are the benefits?

The benefits are profound. First, the action of making a decision to do something positive (deciding to ground myself), to help myself feel better has a great impact on my mood and confidence.

Add to this the benefits that occur when I ground, and connect my energy to Mother Earth and I have a new me!

What does it feel like?

  • Being grounded is a mindful purposeful way of being that is accompanied with the feelings of confident surety.
  • My feet feel that they are firmly on the ground.
  • My voice sounds different too. Its tone, pace and thoughtfully chosen words reflect confidence and knowing even if I am on a journey of discovery about something that is new to me.
  • This is definitely the better way for me to be AND I can CHOOSE to be this way all the time.
    How often do I need to ground myself?
  • I make a practice of grounding myself every morning.

How to ground yourself.

Grounding yourself can be as simple as going outside and walking on the grass or bare earth.

It helps if you do this mindfully – bring your mind into awareness of what you are doing, how it feels physically and how you are feeling inside. Feel the ground on the soles of your feet until you feel a shift in how you feel – to feeling grounded.

What I call the Building Blocks of Self Care – Grounding, Breathing, Scanning – are most effectively learnt in a ‘Calm and Connect’ session To find our more, click the button below.