Happiness and Contentment

I imagine that many people’s

main wish in life would be to be


most of the time.

Is this true for you? It certainly is for me! Like everything in life though, we need BALANCE. So I would re-phrase my wish as a goal to “Have balance in life”. This means that if I’m happy and contented I will also have times of ‘not so happy’ and discontentment. With balance one experiences both sides. One without the other would possibly mean that I was either not living enough or that I was challenging myself too much!

BALANCE also means that we need to have a good balance where our actions reflect the values we hold dear.

Are you feeling OUT OF BALANCE; experiencing overwhelm, stress or anxiety? Then it may be helpful to do this Self Care Checklist I have designed to check the balance between values and actions in each area of your life.

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