Calm and Connect Session Voucher

$110.00 $97.00

One-Hour ‘Calm and Connect Session’   $95 – Usually $110 with complementary copy of ‘The Building Blocks of Self Care: what everybody needs to know’ by Betsy Mills.

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Do you find it difficult to relax?

Do you find that meditation is a challenge?

Are you living ‘in your head with a constantly racing mind?’

Do you want to connect to your inner wisdom?

If this is you, then you are really going to like the building blocks for self-care.

I discovered some time ago that there are some skills that you can learn to make the journey into your body a smooth one; to be CALM AND CONNECTED.

Have you ever heard of scanning or grounding?

Have you ever been told to breathe to alleviate anxiety? and thought, “This is crazy. It doesn’t work!”

I get this! Sometimes you try things and they don’t work for you. With guidance and then commitment to practice, these simple techniques bring you relief from anxiety and help you to go within and live from your calm place.

Scanning, grounding and breathing are the building blocks that enable you to go within.

It’s one thing to know WHAT they are and another to DO them!

This may take guidance and most certainly takes practice!

When you master these skills and practice them regularly, you will be surprised at how much calmer you will be.

The best way to begin to get this together is a ‘Calm and Connect’ session – a one on one session where I take you through the process and guide you to find your CALM PLACE within. You will experience and learn how to:

  • scan your body,
  • breathe to relax and
  • breathe to ground,
  • be relaxed,
  • go within
  • reconnect with your true self.

Would you like to feel CALM AND CONNECTED?

My offer to you, is a 1-hour one-on-one, Calm and Connect session (investment $97)

For a limited time, receive a GIFT of Betsy’s book: “The Building Blocks of Self Care: what everybody needs to know”. (Value $20)

With Betsy’s book and a one on one session, you will have all that you need to know and to practice – to make these skills a life habit, and to begin to live a life from a more grounded and ‘calm place’, informed by your inner wisdom.


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