Living Attuned to the Seasons


Winter is more than just a season.

The SEASONS that make the year’s cycle are designed by nature to maintain our life’s cycle throughout the year.

WINTER is best demonstrated by looking at how animals in cold places hibernate. Their bodies physically slow down and they rest and renew ready for the new activities when Spring begins. We benefit by understanding this and reflecting it in our lives; even though, and maybe because our Winters are not intense and we tend to miss this time of replenishment.

Animals become inactive with their bodily functions slowing down as they wait for their living conditions to improve.

Winter here in Brisbane is so mild that it often has a Spring feeling to it. Even so, we still need to take time to rest and recuperate and also to reflect upon our lives.

Winter for me this year has been a time to stop and put down roots; to spend time grounding myself, connecting with my inner self and also my immediate environment including my relationships with those close to me. It has been a significant time to pause and let go of what has been and create fresh and vibrant space to allow wonderful things to come in. I am ready to embrace them.

I understand now that we need to embrace our Winter (however Springy it may seem to be) as this time for quiet and peace; renewal and reflection, and the seeding of new energy and new ideas!

I wonder what your Winter has been like and what it has meant for you? … For Spring is just around the corner!

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