The Building Blocks of Self Care: what everybody needs to know

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‘The Building Blocks of Self Care: what everybody needs to know’

by Betsy Mills

The hurly burly of modern life is geared to take all your attention. Even when mindful of this, it is difficult not to get caught up with the demands of work, constant change, new technologies, and so on – added to the demands and joys of family, social interaction and physical activities. The consequence is often overwhelm and anxiety or depression. The answer is to learn the fundamentals of being responsible for your own ‘self care’.


The health and wellness industry addresses many of the aspects of self-care, especially in the areas of physical health – exercise and diet, and life balance. However, they don’t address the fundamental and underpinning programmes that drive stress and anxiety.

How will this book help you?

I have written this book to provide you with the fundamental knowledge and skills that underpin the bigger picture of your self-care. These will raise your conscious self-awareness and help you understand what is happening in your physical and emotional body. You will know how to have a fundamental self-care practice that will sustain you on a minute to minute basis; crucial skills for implementing mindfulness practice.

The contents of the book are as follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Self-Care?
  3. Understanding the Brain – simply, in everyday terms.
  4. Let’s Look at the Fight, Flight or Freeze circuit.
  5. Understanding Habits
  6. Making a Commitment
  7. Meeting Your Heart-Mind – Your Personal Inner Coach
  8. Self-Care Checklist
  9. Self-Awareness – the essentials
  10. Breathing Technique for relaxation, meditation and relief from anxiety
  11. Body Scan
  12. Grounding
  13. Monkey Chatter – negative self-talk
  14. Life Balance and Physical Health
  15. What is your Plan? – a summary

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