Self-Leadership means that you have the strength of will to do what is best for you and your personal growth. If, for example, you have a habit of eating something each time you come inside the house and you find you are putting on weight? Self-leadership would be listening to your true self saying, “I’m deciding I don’t want to have that, I’m not hungry”… rather than listening to the ‘brain chatter’ that is telling you to eat. Another example might be a person who has many ideas to manifest a vision they have to create a business or a masterpiece for example. Self-leadership is needed to action the steps to make these happen; manifest. It requires the person to recognise and replace negative self-talk; take self-leadership. It takes self-discipline and self-leadership to take action to clarify the dream, to create and action the steps needed and the dream will manifest. So, self-leadership is necessary for your dreams to come true!

During our sessions the heartfelt processes of Life Healing Journeys find the negative drivers that are blocking your way and help you to transform them into light positive tools that will allow you to lead yourself to be and achieve who you really are and want to have in your life.

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