Shamanic Journeys can turn your life around.

Shamanic Journeys use the language of the unconscious mind – ritual, narrative and symbolism – making them a powerful tool for transforming your life.

Have you ever felt weak and unequal to a situation; times when you lack confidence? Have you noticed that you are repeating unhealthy situations/relationships in your life? Do you find that life is anything but happy and relaxed?

Feeling threatened, not enough, stressed and anxious is soo uncomfortable. It makes life feel like a constant chore of survival rather than a walk in the park, so it’s very concerning that so many people live like this day in and day out.

Obstacles to change

I wonder then, why more people seem to accept the way they live rather than looking for another way?

What’s the problem?

It may be that life has always been a struggle and you aren’t aware that it can be different. It really doesn’t have to be so hard and uncomfortable. For example, John and Belle both grew up in families where their parents and siblings spoke in loud aggressive voices; in fact, if they didn’t they didn’t get heard. So, in turn, the family they were growing together was also full of the energy of conflict. They didn’t know that this is not the norm for everyone.

It’s too hard to make change happen.

Maybe you have tried to do things differently – you’ve separated from your partner and now you’re noticing negativity happening in your new relationship. This is really tough. It hurts in so many different ways, especially if you are trying to make change happen unsupported.

I don’t feel comfortable about seeking help.

When you ask for help, the invisible elephant in the room can be that if you ask for help, it means you’ve failed.  Messages implanted in your brain from past experience can be your worst enemy. Asking for ‘help’ is better translated as ‘healing’, ‘guidance’, ‘education’. You are not a ‘victim’ who needs ‘helping’ – you are a person looking for a new way of life.

Choosing Shamanic Journeying for Life Change

As a clinical counsellor, I looked for tools to support my clients and among the many modalities I learnt, Shamanism stood out. Many of the theories of modern psychology are drawn from Jung’s observation of indigenous communities across the world. Contemporary Shamanism applies them in truly practical ways. Like Indigenous cultures dating back to pre-historical times, contemporary shamanism recognises the power of ritual, of conscious awareness, of connection with nature, of the power of symbols and is a gentle and supportive framework that you can use to turn your life around.

While engaging in these practices is my choice of life-style, understanding and embracing shamanic practice isn’t necessary for you to achieve impressive results. Experiencing guided shamanic journeys – individually or in a group – is a powerful vehicle for change.

# Personal Journey

Take Jenny for example. She was tired of struggling to find her path in life. Her confidence was at a low point and she often felt life wasn’t worth living. She came to me because she wanted to be confident and strong. During our journey together, her traumatic childhood experiences, previously never told, were brought to the light and examined. The nature of the wounding she had experienced led to a deeper Shamanic Journey of ‘Soul Retrieval’. Following her Shamanic Journey, she no longer felt weak and inadequate. She felt complete, strong and more ‘together’ than she had ever before. Although there were more journeys to be experienced before she became fully into her power, she was well on the way.

# Group Journey

Jillian was stressed out and overwhelmed with work, family and study commitments. She never had time for herself. She decided to flex her work days and attend a Circle of Self-Care – a small group Shamanic Journey. During the journey, she learnt many techniques to bring self-care into her daily living and a plan to put them into action. She was armed with powerful symbols that she could call upon; symbols that helped her to be consciously aware of her stress levels and act before they escalated.

# Meditation

Joan suffered shortness of breath and heart palpitations; anxiety and sometimes panic attacks. She knew about meditation and practiced it with a cd but when she attended meditation where she was guided to breathe correctly, scan her body and release tension, and learn mindfulness, she was able to take the benefits of meditation into her daily life and effectively manage her condition.

Are you ready to turn your life around?

We are all on this planet to learn and most often we are reluctant to examine the things that hurt in our lives. I urge you to wait no longer. Shamanic practices are powerful and yet gentle tools where guidance and techniques release you from hurt and restrictions; empowering you to live fully and joyfully.

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