Spring Season: How it affects us.


As Winter lifts its nurturing

blanket and

Spring leaps forward,

like the animals and plants,

it is time for us humans to

unfurl and enjoy the energy

that has arrived!

Each season brings with it its own energy. Spring season energy wakes us up to have a clear vision of what we want and plan to achieve this.

Of course Spring is a great time to plant the seeds in the soil that you have prepared during Winter. This metaphor for our lives is very powerful as we take stock of how we are to achieve our dreams.

We are all unique in the way we approach our lives. Some like to take control and plan every detail possible. Personally I’m closer to the other end of the scale as I have always had an aversion to planning ahead!! And I must say here, it has worked out pretty well despite my more laid back approach! Having said this, I have always had a clear idea in my head; my imagination of what I want my life to look like, and maybe this is the key.

So, what happens if there is something specific or grand that I want in that vision? Well, I found that all kinds of doubts and negative thoughts crept in to sully the vision; making the specific grand vision difficult and impossible to achieve … and I noticed that I then wasn’t even sure if I really still wanted to have and achieve this any more … and then it faded and shrank.

This is what happens when you don’t plan to achieve specific visions. I need to honour my ability to see the landscape; the big picture, and then choose my specific grand vision that is in that and then plan to achieve it consciously. Without this clear and detailed picture, how can I ask Great Spirit to co-create it? I need to know what to ask for and make steps for it to happen.

My first step has been to use a workbook written by Heather Price so that I know exactly what I want in my big picture. The Sacred Circle is a very useful map to use in visioning as each direction takes you to a different aspect of your self and life for examination. From here, more specific visioning and planning will eventuate; using the Sacred Circle to navigate the details for each element of my big picture and for planning each week.

Have a wonderful Spring as you spring into action mindfully.

You will find Heather’s workbook here.

Vision Planning Workbook PDF download

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