Five Benefits of Scanning Your Body

Five Benefits of Scanning Your Body.

 Do you have a busy day, rushing from one thing to the next?

Do others make demands of your time and attention?

Do you ‘escape’ to other worlds found in media and books?

If any of these resonate with you, chances are that you have little time for yourself! When this happens, you lose touch of with your body. You might say that you are no longer in your body. You are in your brain, or out there in another’s space, or in a land of imagination.

Your body is the temple created for your spirit to reside in. Like all places of residence, it needs to be cleaned, renewed, nourished and cared for. You need to be fully in your body to be able to nurture it and keep it in tip top condition and scanning is the skill that will help you do this.

What is scanning?

Scanning is when you pay attention to each part of your body by bringing your awareness to each part.

Take a moment to direct your attention to the inside of your right big toe.

What do you notice?

Now take your attention; your inner eye into each part of your body. What do you notice in each of these parts?

This is scanning. When you scan, you come to know each part of your body well. It is an important ingredient for becoming ‘Consciously Aware”.

Benefits of Scanning your Body.

  1. Scanning is a great tool for mindfulness. As you scan your body, you are engaging your brain in the process allowing your brain to be distracted from its ‘monkey chatter’.
  2. Through scanning, you are mindfully aware of the normal state of your body.
  3. Early awareness: If something changes in your body (feeling more anxious, a tight muscle) you notice it early so you can address this before it escalates and becomes a problem
  4. As you use scanning, you develop ‘Spiritual awareness’ – the feeling of ‘you’ inyour body.
  5. Scanningis helpful in the initial stages of meditation – to relax and let go – to be in your heart not your head.
CLICK HERE to go to ‘The Building Blocks of Self-Care: what everybody    needs to know’ by Betsy Mills

How to clear mind chatter and make space for useful thinking.

mind chatter
Jenny was stressed. She had several projects on the go and the added challenge of organising a family dinner with her partner’s relations. So many thoughts overloaded her mind, with some going around and round creating ‘thought demons’; each demanding attention. There was no space left for thinking clearly about any one thing. She felt she wasn’t capable and was overwhelmed by the constant mind chatter and her anxiety was at a peak.

Jenny decided that this wasn’t good enough for her since she wasn’t enjoying life, so she followed the steps that I’m going to give you here.

6 Steps to Turn Down the Volume.

These steps are the beginning of a lifetime habit that will quieten mind chatter and make space for clarity, problem solving and creative thought.
Changing any habit takes time and persistence and most or all commitment. Monkey chatter is a habit of your brain!
  • Make a commitment to invest some time in changing your monkey chatter.
  • Raise your AWARENESS – Recognise when your mind chatter appears – make a note of what it is.
  • Mind chatter loves attention – don’t fight it. Acknowledge it and change it.
  • Prepare for transformation – ready yourself with positive thoughts (affirmation) to replace the negative busy ones.
  • Create your vision of how you want to be – Have an image of how you are when thinking is clear and productive. Have a symbol for this clarity and bring it to mind when you notice mind chatter.
  • Practice – Each time you notice mind chatter, acknowledge it (you don’t have to agree!), visualise your symbol and say your affirmation – change your thoughts to what you want to be thinking about.

What it takes!

“But I’m in a hurry”, you say. “I don’t have time for this!”

The truth is, you don’t have time for the mind chatter either. It’s unproductive. By dedicating a relatively small amount of time to commit to and practice these steps, you will find it will become an automatic reaction to mind chatter and your mind will have the space to problem solve and create.

Why not make a date with yourself today to begin practicing being in charge of your thinking brain?

Courage or Fear





in the face of


Courage comes easily when we are feeling good about ourselves. We are confident and fear stands out of the lime-light.

When I’m feeling courageous everything is bright and possible.

Yellow is my colour for courage.

When things seem to be too hard and I’m questioning my commitment, I know that fear has taken over. That means it’s time to take out the Yellow flag of courage. In these times courage is drawn upon in the face of fear which can be difficult to do especially if it isn’t a situation where our values or empathy are being seriously challenged.

With courage I can attempt anything and while I’m trying new things I’m learning and growing. Success is knowing I’ve tried.