Understanding the Nature of Things to Inspire Creativity


Have you ever heard yourself say,

“I couldn’t do that!”

“I’m not creative.”?


Creativity is part of the whole package.

Everyone is born with Creativity. It is part of the whole package. If you think you can’t be creative, then you are missing out on a big slice of what is you! ‘I’m not creative’ is a negative belief that you are holding and by transforming this belief to ‘I am the creator of everything in my life’ you will open doors you never knew were there.

Let me reassure you that in transforming this belief the benefits far outweigh the difficulties. Each one of us have negative beliefs that begin early in life (and sometimes before this life) and our journey in life is to transform them to open the doors that these beliefs have closed on us. So, if you’re feeling challenged by the idea of activating your creative muscles, take a moment to breathe deep into your belly a few times, and then we can continue.

We create businesses, situations, events.

We create art - music, objects...

We create relationships

The truth is we all create all the time.

Creativity goes so much further than ‘artistic’. We create meals, situations, events, relationships, businesses, and the list goes on. … And no, this is not different from creating a work of art or an invention.

  1. When you are invited to create what is the first thing that comes to mind?
  2. Your answer to this question is key to the cause of your negative belief. Most people unfortunately have stories about how something they have created has been rejected, laughed at or misunderstood. Whatever the story, it has created your belief that you aren’t creative.
  3. What feelings are present as you are reading this and connecting with the challenge of being creative?
  4. Be clear about the feelings you have. Name them. Insecurity, Fear of failure, rejection, no control are some for example. Breathe into these feelings. They are real. Notice how your body feels – does it tense up? Now you are acknowledging your feelings and honouring them.
  5. What do you do now?
  6. Breathe deeply and slowly and consciously into your belly. Breathe in saying an affirmation, for example, ‘I create with ease’. Breathe out saying ‘I release all tension, fear, insecurity (list you’ve written above) and allow these to leave your body with your breath.

Have a Go! Exercise:

Find paper and crayons (or whatever colours you have). Begin by choosing a colour and making a mark on the paper. Choose a different colour and make a different kind of line or shape. Repeat this with more colours, simply choosing the next colour without judgement. You will begin to see connections or want to make connections between shapes and lines, so do what feels best. You may recognise a picture of something appear on your page of marks – go with it and enhance it if you feel to do that.

Praise! Praise! Praise!

Praise yourself for your efforts. Notice the beauty of the wiggles, the contrasts, the shapes, the connections. Praise yourself as you would to a toddler beginning their creative journey. You are practising NON-JUDGEMENT!

JUDGEMENT is a terrible master. It criticises and limits every corner of your life – if you allow it.

I wish you all the best with opening the doors with your creativity. If you would like assistance with changing negative beliefs and expanding your creativity, please sign up for my newsletter (to the right of the page) so that you receive upcoming events and I’m available for individual sessions.



P.S. Also take a look at The Creativity Queen ~ Rhonda has good workshops that will help you on your way.

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