“What is my PURPOSE in life?”

“What is my
in life?”
Sounds familiar?
I’d like to share with you this message I received as I was doing Sacred Circle and Ceremony work last week.
We are gifted such a short time on this amazing planet and it’s easy to feel that much of it may be wasted. Even thinking this can become a stress within my whole being. So, when I was gifted these words, I decided to keep them for my own; my purpose.
It is so profound. There is no longer any reason for fear on any level …..
because when you …. “Make Love your Purpose and whatever you do will be perfect.”
I know that when I’m at rest or enjoying nature loving myself is my purpose.
I know that when I’m struggling with technology to write something that will serve someone else, love is my purpose.
I know that when I speak my Truth with impeccable word, love is my purpose. …. And it will be perfect.
…. And I’m sharing with you because imagine the love and wonder that will pour out over the planet if everyone embraces this as their purpose?.
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