Would you like some easy tools to manage your anxiety?

Would you like to have a better understanding about anxiety?

Would you like to be able to relax and clear your mind? 

Would you like to learn and improve the practice of mindfulness?

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Who is the book suitable for?

Building blocks to Self Care: what everybody needs to know is intended to be an easy to read workbook for those who want

  • to learn practices that will help them to relax and feel calm.
  • to have the breathing space that allows them to make a choice between reacting or responding in a way that benefits them most ~ with self empowerment and poise.
  • to learn how to practice mindfulness effectively.
  • to manage feelings of stress and anxiety.
  • to understand how anxiety creates such strong feelings.
  • Practitioners who want their clients to integrate these BUILDING BLOCKS into their lives will find it a useful tool to pass on to their clients.

How the ‘Building Blocks’ help with mindfulness.

We are all responsible for our emotions and reactions. When we are overwhelmed by emotions we can be dis-empowered by them – that is, unless we have the skills to manage themBeing able to do this is called Emotional Intelligence.

In both my personal experience and particularly working with clients, I see how strong emotional reactions to situations affect people’s lives. Strong emotions can not only cause acute physical and mental pain. They trigger reactions that can set in motion a complicated chain of reactions. When this happens, you are most likely not behaving in the way you want to be in this world, and not being your ‘authentic self’.

This often causes escalation as you feel dis-empowered.

Emotional Intelligence releases you from this tangle of emotions so that you can live a happier, confident life. Emotional intelligence means that instead of reacting to your feelings, you use skills like the ones in this book to inform how you respond to situations.

When I hear the words, ‘self care’ I am aware that they mean different things to different people. More often than not,  ‘self care’ refers to the larger picture of creating a balanced life style. The techniques that I teach to help people manage their emotions are in fact the building blocks of self care and are indeed what everyone needs to know! as they cut to the root of where the problem begins.

Building Blocks of Self-Care, practised on a regular basis, become a good habit that help you to practise mindfulness – manage your emotions, connect to who you really are, and allow you to decide to respond rather than react to situations.

The Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Self-Care?
  3. Understanding the Brain – simply, in everyday terms
  4. Let’s Look at the Fight, Flight or Freeze Circuit
  5. Understanding Habits
  6. Making a Commitment
  7. Meeting Your Heart-Mind – Your Personal Inner Coach
  8. Self-Care Checklist
  9. Self-Awareness – The Essentials
  10. Breathing Technique for relaxation, meditation and relief from anxiety
  11. Body Scan
  12. Grounding
  13. Monkey Chatter – Negative self-talk
  14. Life Balance and Physical Health
  15. What is your Plan? – a summary

Testimonials for Building blocks for self-care book

Betsy Mills shines through her simple but effective self-care booklet. It provides a painless way of dealing with the life challenges that crowd out what we all need to do; take care of ourselves. Using Betsy’s simple self-charting methods, we can make changes that lead to better ways of living.

Thank you, Betsy.

Wynn Te Kani

Betsy’s book is do-able, applicable, practical and wise most self help books are not nearly as immediately useful? try her balloon breath and centre yourself again.  Molly Brumm

A great book about self care. All you need to know! I love it! Stefanie Roth