I create a SAFE and SACRED space where you will be held, supported and guided on your Spiritual Journey.

Life Healing Journeys create a Sacred Space for you and to guide and support you as you explore with the intention of your choosing; for example, significant times in your life, and help you to transform the experience into positive lessons that will allow you to move confidently forward in your life. 

My work is founded on being compassionate and supportive; empowering you with new skills, transforming old stories and energies into light, gaining positive insights and many other treasures that will transform your life to what you want it to be.

Drum Journey Meditation

Circles ~ learning together

About Betsy

Upon reflection, my life in my youthful years was one where change was a constant, challenging me to be determined, persistent and courageous; picking myself up when I fell down; asking for help when I needed it; trying again when I failed; speaking up when I saw injustice…. And although I had a loving family, I often felt frightened, unsafe and unsupported.

If you sew or do woodwork, you experience annoyance, disappointment, anxiety when a ‘mistake’ is made and your creation is not coming together. It takes patience and persistence to take it back; to unpick, and redo that part in a way that works … and voila! You have made something special.

What if you had someone beside you supporting you to know that you will succeed; that you are capable; that it is safe to be in a place that is challenging?

This is what is known as ‘holding space’ and it is what I love to do. It is a powerful way of allowing you to discover for yourself; to experiment and to achieve in your own time and way in a way that even though you are challenged you feel safe and supported.

I am a mother and grandmother, and while I have studied and worked as a teacher, a clinical counsellor and shamanic practitioner, in my later years I have fallen into a wonderful place where I am creating from my heart through weaving, painting, drumming and flute playing and other creative pursuits.

It is my desire to hold that safe space for you so that you can find that calm, connected place within you, and share with you the healing vibration of my drum and flute, and a lifetime of skills and experience.

Betsy - Presenting a workshop
Betsy presenting a workshop at Arana Hills Library.
'The Building Blocks of Self Care: what everybody needs to know' y Betsy Mills