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I create a SAFE and SACRED space where you will be held, supported and guided on your Spiritual Journey.

  • Do you feel stuck on a roundabout, repeating the same patterns over and over?
  • Are you searching to find meaning in your life?
  • Do you feel tired and lack-lustre from giving out too much?
  • Do you want to live your life in a way that resonates with your values and beliefs and brings you peace and happiness?
  • Are you looking for a framework to live a life connected to your spirit and higher power?
Betsy - Presenting a workshop
Betsy presenting a workshop at Arana Hills Library.
'The Building Blocks of Self Care: what everybody needs to know' y Betsy Mills

My life’s work and study

(Shamanic Practice, Counselling, Teaching)

My life’ work and study has brought me to deeply understand the impact that negative situations (wounding) have on our life’s journey – from this life, past lives and also ancestral patterns. While there are negative impacts in the ‘wounding’, it is most often that it is here that lessons are learnt and inspiration arises from the ashes!

This is where the magic of Shamanism and Shamanic Practice shines! Transforming the energy of these events from your energy field into positive regernerative energy allows you to transform into the you who you choose to be, unburdened by the past. Each session we have together is another step on your spiritual journey, so I refer to these sessions as being a ‘Shamanic Journey’

A Shamanic Journey at first sight may seem like a guided meditation but the journey takes you deeper, allowing you to travel to where you need to go; to achieve the healing, remove the obstacles, so that you can realise your DREAMS. Journeys are travelled with the clear intention of your vision and is a powerful way to enrich and strengthen you and your life path.

There are countless intentions for Shamanic healing Journeys that are life-changing. Below are some that may resonate with you. You can follow the links by clicking on them for more detailed explanations.

Life Healing Journeys is here to create a Sacred Space for you and to guide and support you as you explore with the intention of your choosing; for example, significant times in your life, and help you to transform the experience into positive lessons that will allow you to move confidently forward in your life. 

My work is founded on being compassionate and supportive; empowering you with new skills, transforming old stories and energies into light, gaining positive insights and many other treasures that will transform your life to what you want it to be.

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