Do you have difficulty ‘turning off’ during meditations?

Are you looking for a meditation that takes you deeper?

Are you wanting to heal your troubled Spirit?

Do you yearn to have a dedicated time for you; your self-care?


Betsy has been guiding meditation for many years. She is a Shamanic practitioner, artist, counsellor and teacher.

Betsy creates a safe and sacred space for you. She guides you to deeply relax your body before taking you on a journey. As you enter the journey, you will have the opportunity to voice your personal intention for the session, giving a defined purpose for the journey.

What are the benefits of Drumming?

The first sound one hears is their mother’s heart beat as they nestle in her womb. A drum heartbeat conjures the sound and serves to relax your body and slow your brain waves. Drumming is proven in its ability to facilitate the altering of states of consciousness, allowing you to go to a deeper place. The drum has been used in the culture and traditions worldwide for aeons.

Deep slow breathing, the regular beat of a drum, a calm voice slows your brain waves achieving a different level of consciousness and the journey into the world of the intention that has been set, can begin.

As in good meditation practice, while the level of consciousness is deeper, the person remains alert and present while their body seems to lose all feeling.

The vibration of the sacred drum is a healing tool as the vibration enters the body and passes through it, changing the energy within to a higher vibration – at a cellular and atom level.


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“I have never been able to go to that deeper place until I experienced a drum journey with Betsy” R.B.