What is Meditation?

There are many methods of meditating. The medical profession is now recognising the amazing benefits that meditating has on the heart, body, mind and spirit. Studies have confirmed what has been known for centuries. Meditation slows the heart’s rate and pressure. It has beneficial effects on the brain, reducing the symptoms of stress and anxiety, and depression. The body is able to relax during meditation and the overall effect is a person with improved ‘spiritedness’. Their spirits are lifted.
Mindfulness is an ancient practice that has been embraced in recent years due to the scientific studies that have been conducted. Mindfulness is a meditation of conscious awareness. It is an amazingly simple and effective process which brings the user to be consciously aware and to be conscious of the present moment.

What is a Life Healing Journey Meditation like?

All sessions begin with creating a sacred space and deciding upon clear intention for the meditation session. You are then guided through proven methods of breathing and relaxing, taking time to leave the busy world outside and tune into your inner world. Mindfulness is then practiced for a time. Then in a guided meditation you are taken on a journey to fulfill the intention for the meditation.

Examples of intentions for Journeys are unlimited. Some examples are:

  • Journeys through your own body for self healing and relaxation
  • Journeys to beautiful places to relax, let go and rejuvenate
  • Journeys for healing
  • Journeys to find something special like an animal guide

Life Healing Journeys are often accompanied by my drum which helps to keep you aware in the moment and keep with the journey.  (though we sometimes hear a little snore or two and that’s okay 🙂 )

Pink flower meditation

A simple meditation:

Look at the centre of this flower and soften your eyes.

Bring all your awareness to the flower.

Breathe and watch.      Breathe and watch.

Be aware and notice the colour, the pattern and the effect it has upon you.

Breathe.     Allow.       Be.