When the relationships in your life are fulfilling and supportive happiness and serenity are easier to come by. Counselling and Shamanic Practice help you to transform negative ways of dealing with differences by transforming old patterns and learning new skills.

Relationship with yourself

The most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself. Knowing yourself, awareness of your values and beliefs and being able to live authentically is a lifelong learning experience. Good self-esteem, confidence and living your life authentically come from having an awareness and understanding of any painful experiences, losses and hurts that have been experienced and then working through a healing process.


When life pressures take front seat, couple relationships often suffer from neglect. It is important for couples to take time out to communicate and plan for time to nurture their relationship. Counselling provides a safe space to communicate when emotions and conflict erupt. Learning ways to communicate more effectively benefit both parties and allow them to reconnect.


Since children are directly influenced by their environment it is important to view the whole picture; the child as a part of their family. Often it is most effective to work with the parents of the child and decide if working with the child is the best way to find a resolution to what is happening in the family. When children have experienced traumatic events, physical and emotional abuse or family separation they experience confusing emotions. Their behaviour reflects their confused feelings and developing values and beliefs. Sand-tray, play therapy, and interactive drawing therapy are all wonderful ways of allowing children to express their ‘stories’, allowing events hidden in their unconscious to unfold and resolve themselves.

Conflict resolution

Conflict resolution firstly requires intention to find a win/win solution. Communication skills such as active listening skills, the ability to reflect and respond allow each person to be heard and solutions to be found. Skills for dealing with anxiety are really useful if you have difficulty thinking in conflict situations.

Blending families – Visioning and creating family culture – How you want your family to be.

Beginning a new relationship and/or family and blending families present many challenges. By working together openly it is a wonderful experience to explore how each person wants their family to be and to create a common vision choosing the very best from each partner/family’s experience. Parenting, post-separation parenting Most importantly, whatever the cause or pain incurred by separation, parents first consideration is the welfare of their children. A separated couple’s relationship where their children are concerned tests their ability to act maturely and always with the children’s best interest ahead of their own. This is a time of great personal growth where strong sense of self and good communication skills are paramount. Children learn from their parents’ role model, so where parents do this well, children benefit.

Managing separation

Separation challenges every part of our sense of self and well-being. Having a ‘third party’ to assist you through this painful time will help to ease your way through it and move on.