Five Benefits of Scanning Your Body

Five Benefits of Scanning Your Body.

 Do you have a busy day, rushing from one thing to the next?

Do others make demands of your time and attention?

Do you ‘escape’ to other worlds found in media and books?

If any of these resonate with you, chances are that you have little time for yourself! When this happens, you lose touch of with your body. You might say that you are no longer in your body. You are in your brain, or out there in another’s space, or in a land of imagination.

Your body is the temple created for your spirit to reside in. Like all places of residence, it needs to be cleaned, renewed, nourished and cared for. You need to be fully in your body to be able to nurture it and keep it in tip top condition and scanning is the skill that will help you do this.

What is scanning?

Scanning is when you pay attention to each part of your body by bringing your awareness to each part.

Take a moment to direct your attention to the inside of your right big toe.

What do you notice?

Now take your attention; your inner eye into each part of your body. What do you notice in each of these parts?

This is scanning. When you scan, you come to know each part of your body well. It is an important ingredient for becoming ‘Consciously Aware”.

Benefits of Scanning your Body.

  1. Scanning is a great tool for mindfulness. As you scan your body, you are engaging your brain in the process allowing your brain to be distracted from its ‘monkey chatter’.
  2. Through scanning, you are mindfully aware of the normal state of your body.
  3. Early awareness: If something changes in your body (feeling more anxious, a tight muscle) you notice it early so you can address this before it escalates and becomes a problem
  4. As you use scanning, you develop ‘Spiritual awareness’ – the feeling of ‘you’ inyour body.
  5. Scanningis helpful in the initial stages of meditation – to relax and let go – to be in your heart not your head.
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Get the Best Guidance and Tune-In to your Inner Coach

I’m feeling a little ashamed and very disappointed myself following an argument I had recently. When conflict or other challenges arise in my life, I like to spend time with myself – my Inner Coach – and review what happened. I look at my part in the event and how I could have dealt with it better. Upon reflection I realised that my voice was raised and insistent, and the words I used were inappropriate choices fuelled by anger and frustration. Deep down I know that speaking this way didn’t help my ‘case’ and was not the most effective way of seeing through differences.

I was feeling anxious and frustrated! I didn’t feel heard! It is such an important issue. I must have my say!

My feelings, driven by a typical ‘fight, flight or freeze’ scenario expressed themselves openly through my voice, exposing my vulnerability, dissolved my credibility and held no respect for the other person. I was driven by my brain’s fear reaction, not my heart’s reasonable approach.

Had I been able to call in my inner coach before the incident, the whole scenario would have played out differently!

It is both wonderful and human to feel. With feelings come emotions that are fired by the brain – producing the physical effect of the feelings – in the physical body responding to the brain. These emotions are very powerful, and our bodies and brains respond willingly. Unfortunately, they don’t serve us well if we want to communicate well and speak our Truth.

… Enter my INNER COACH! …

What is my inner coachWhat is my INNER COACH?

You’ve heard of personal coaches, business coaches, lifestyle coaches, and you know what they do. An inner coach does the same.

Your INNER COACH is unique as it resides within YOU as part of your psyche. Your Inner Coach is one of what is called an archetype. Our psyche’s hold numerous persona that are archetypes. So, for example, if you decided to be the funny person at a party, you would be ‘a clown’ or if you became angry and stood over your disobedient child, you would be putting on your patriarchal parent. Understanding archetypes is material for another blog! It’s enough to say that we fall into using archetypes that have been modelled in our conditioning. However, we all have the ability to consciously choose which one to use in any situation.

Your Inner Coach 

o knows your goals and mission in life and helps you to achieve them.

o knows your values

o knows how you want to present in the world.

o champions what is best for your welfare above all else

o draws upon the processes and strategies you have learnt and helps you to create/learn new ones.

o holds you accountable for all of the above

Your Inner Coach is a reliable guide that helps you make choices that are true to who you are, behave the way you want to be in the world and keep you on track to achieve your dreams.

A coach has no use unless you properly engage with him/her, and it is your self-responsibility to do this. A coach doesn’t do the work for you. It’s your job to take action and your coach’s job to back you up, show you techniques and processes and support you.

So, when your feelings are strong, and emotions are flooding your body, what do you do?

You can either fold and succumb to your emotional overwhelm (victim), become aggressive (warrior), or you can listen to your inner coach and respond with integrity (wise woman/sage).

Easy? No.

Like anything, listening to your Inner Coach takes training and practice, practice, practice! Eventually your inner coach will be your constant companion guiding you in the way you want to be in the world.

How to Call on Your Inner Coach

You know that gut feeling you have when things are happening the way you want them to?

Or when you are making choices where either decision is agreeable, but one choice is the one that you know is best for your well-being? (chocolate or strawberry?)

Have you ever had a function to go to and thought, “I don’t feel like going” … along with many other excuses and gone anyway. Then afterwards being thankful because you had a good time or met someone important for your journey?

Hard decisions! What does your inner coach say?

o   Remember your goal to lose weight?

o   Now is the time to make a decision that will support that goal.

o   What will happen if you choose the chocolate?

o   What is the better choice for me right now in the present moment? (If your blood sugar is low and you can’t think straight, chocolate may be the best way to go! – your inner coach agreeing with the added advice – in moderation)

To call in your Inner Coach, you need to do this consciously. The really beautiful thing about this is that you get to choose and be in the driving seat for the whole process.

  1. Develop Conscious Awareness

When you are consciously aware, you take notice of your body, your mind and all aspects of your environment. You notice how your body responds. You notice the words in your head and you notice the atmosphere of your environment and what is happening there. You also are aware of how you are behaving and the impact you are having on all that is around you. Begin by simply stopping and noticing.

  1. Commit to being self-aware.

You will need to be serious and make a commitment to be aware in the present moment – to be ready to listen to your body and your mind and know what is going on there.

  1. Choose the voice and tone of your Inner Coach.

It is helpful to consciously decide upon the voice and tone of your Inner Coach. For example, do you want a ‘bootcamp’ over-bearing inner coach or a wise sage? For some, the former has the effect of bringing out the ‘rebellious child’ archetype, which is the outcome of having a strict authoritarian upbringing, or from being a victim of Dickensian style schooling. You don’t want to be rebelling against your Inner Coach! On the contrary, some people have learnt to ‘snap to’ and respond instantly to this kind of authority. So, the personality of your Inner Coach needs to match the personality you respond to most easily and at the same time holds the wisdom and knowledge about what is best for you and your welfare.

  1. Tune-In Regularly.

Conscious awareness only happens when you make a habit of tuning-in on a regular basis. Breathing, Grounding and Scanning are ‘The Building Blocks of Self-Care.’ These skills help you to tune into your body and mind, helping you to become self-aware and giving you the space to check in with your Inner Coach.

How often will you check in? Three times a day? Every half hour? The ultimate goal is to be tuned-in most of the time! Whenever you are questioning or assessing, this is when you call in your Inner Coach.

  1. Learn New Life Skills

Life skills are an essential part of living that have been sorely overlooked in growing children into adults. The learning of these skills hasn’t been specifically taught and unless one actively learns and practice these skills, parent’s role modelling to children isn’t always a good example. A Catch 22 situation. The key to using good life skills is to listen to your Inner Coach.

Simple? It’s as simple as committing to being consciously aware about tapping into your Inner Coach.


When you are unaware – your decisions, quick answers, on the spot opinions – the way you are in the world – is informed and driven by the conditioning you have received through your life experience. You flow with this tide.

When you practice awareness, you come to notice that what you truly believe, what you value and what you truly want in your life may not be reflected in your words and actions. You may find that the person that is you in the world isn’t showing up as the person who is truly you – your spirit.

This is where your Inner Coach comes into play, guiding you to be your authentic self. Guiding you to live up to your values, your goals and who you are truly meant to be in this world.

Connecting with your Inner Coach is one of ‘The Building Blocks of Self Care’ described in Betsy’s book. If you would like to connect with your Inner Coach, there are two options that would help you with this. One is to purchase Betsy’s book, ‘The Building Blocks of Self Care: what everybody needs to know’. Most effective is to have a ‘Calm and Connect’ session with Betsy either in person or by Zoom Conference.


Physically grounding yourself is a ‘Building block’ that will start you on the path to knowing yourself well.

After cleansing rain that had kept me inside, I went for a much needed walk along the local track along the creek. As I walked I consciously placed my feet one after the other carefully on the ground as the path was slippery after so much rain. As I placed my feet I imagined the energy going from my hip, through my leg and down through the sole of my shoe into the ground, all the way down into Mother Earth. Along with my focussed attention, I used my breath, breathing in as I lifted my foot and breathing out as my attention went down my leg into the Earth. In doing this I was consciously grounding myself as I walked. This is a Chi Gong technique.

What does ‘grounded’ mean?

Being grounded means that I feel the weight of my body upon the ground and I feel fully present within it. Becoming grounded happens when I become aware of my energy, my body and my spirit and they are in synch.

The aura; the energy field around our body, sometimes gets out of shape and
unbalanced and when this happens I need to ground myself so that I feel complete; Whole, Balanced.

What are the benefits?

The benefits are profound. First, the action of making a decision to do something positive (deciding to ground myself), to help myself feel better has a great impact on my mood and confidence.

Add to this the benefits that occur when I ground, and connect my energy to Mother Earth and I have a new me!

What does it feel like?

  • Being grounded is a mindful purposeful way of being that is accompanied with the feelings of confident surety.
  • My feet feel that they are firmly on the ground.
  • My voice sounds different too. Its tone, pace and thoughtfully chosen words reflect confidence and knowing even if I am on a journey of discovery about something that is new to me.
  • This is definitely the better way for me to be AND I can CHOOSE to be this way all the time.
    How often do I need to ground myself?
  • I make a practice of grounding myself every morning.

How to ground yourself.

Grounding yourself can be as simple as going outside and walking on the grass or bare earth.

It helps if you do this mindfully – bring your mind into awareness of what you are doing, how it feels physically and you are feeling inside.



Inspiration through story. Share this game with me!

Inspiration from natureOne of the elements of Positivity described by Barbara Fredrickson is Inspiration. Being inspired is a quality that brings positivity. I’d like to invite you to play a ‘story’ game with me!

I love sharing stories with other people, but even better, it is fun to hear the stories of others as I find them so inspiring. So please join in and share your ending to this story and inspire all of us!

How to play!

Below you will find I have written a story with words in brackets as an example – followed by the same story with blanks for you to copy and paste. The idea is to create your own story of inspiration. The format of the story below is to help you. Play the game by copying and pasting the story in the comments below and simply placing your words in spaces, or you may like to use all of your own words. It’s okay too to re-post your story with the hashtag #inspiringstory

“As I walked down the path, I remembered to ‘tune in’ to myself and become consciously aware; of what I was thinking, and what I was seeing around me. My thoughts in the present time, were focussed on … (a shared circle I was facilitating next week). As I walked on, I noticed (the flow of the water in the creek, flocks of birds swirling above, a lone crow looking directly at me … (all the lights turned green giving my passage free flow) My experience left me inspired because … (the signs showed me that I was in the right flow and on the right course)”

Cut and paste:

“As I walked down the path, I remembered to ‘tune in’ to myself and become consciously aware; of what I was thinking, and what I was seeing around me. My thoughts in the present time, were focussed on __________. As I walked on, I noticed _____________. My experience left me inspired because _________________________.”

It’s Your Turn!

Every time we do, think or be anything positive, we are energising positivity; adding to the light shining in our world and balancing the dark that likes to consume us when we’re not aware. So, come on board and brighten the world with your story; fact or fiction is okay!

Now it’s your turn! Come on, have a go and share your inspiration! And share the game so your friends can have a turn.

Shamanism: An Ancient Recipe for Modern Living

Shamanism - an ancient recipe for modern living

Jean felt lost. While she was a student there was always the next class to attend or assignment to be done. Her life was  structured by her timetable and tasks to complete. Now that she had graduated life had changed. There was no structure determining her next moves. She was anxious and felt insecure; that she had been set adrift with nowhere and everywhere to go, with no rudder to steer her.

She didn’t know it then, but her life was about to change. As she scrolled through her Facebook feed, she saw posts that ignited her curiosity. The posts were about Shamanism and practices.

Jean Today

You wouldn’t recognise the same Jean today. She has a presence that tells you she knows herself well and will fearlessly pursues the things that she is passionate about. Jean hasn’t just achieved goals that she has set herself, she is tuned in to her environment, compassionate and aware of others and is true to her values. She is confident, self-assured, and above all, happy.


Contemporary shamanism draws from the ancient practices of indigenous cultures across the world. Shamanism is not a religion, but a spiritual way of life that embraces all the practicality of daily living. Jung travelled the world observing indigenous cultures. He observed great similarities shared by cultures that had never had contact with each other. Subsequently, modern psychology has created modalities for treating patients based on his observations. Contemporary Shamanism goes further in that it gives you the tools to live consciously aware; to know yourself well and create a lifestyle that reflects your true nature.

It is a common theme in many people’s lives that they lose confidence, feel unworthy, lost and unsure like Jean. Many also find themselves repeating the same pattern repeatedly; often becoming worse with each cycle. Jean attended several private sessions that in turn dealt with the causes of her lack of confidence and direction. Conditioning from childhood experiences (wounding), ancestral patterns, soul’s journey and past lives all contribute to how we are in the world. With the help of a shamanic practitioner, these were discovered and brought to the light and transformed. In this way, Jean was relieved of the burdens of conditioning and past experiences and could step forward and express her true self.


This may sound rather daunting as it sounds radically life-changing; and it can be! However, Shamanic practice is a self-empowering process where you are completely in charge and learn as you grow and change. Shamanism is a many faceted concept and you will be attracted to the things that will resonate with you most. To give you a better idea, this is Jean’s experience.

Jean’s Journey

# Visioning workshop

Jean needed to find some direction so she decided to attend a shamanic workshop with the intention of creating a vision of her future. She was immersed in a safe and sacred space with others with similar intentions. As the workshop progressed, she became fascinated by how the ritual, symbols in many forms, and the Sacred Circle of Whole Consciousness spoke to her, her truth and helped her to vision what is possible in her life.

# Personal Sessions

After the workshop, Jean was aware that she was feeling quite anxious about some aspects of her vision and that she couldn’t bring them to reality. She decided to have some personal sessions. Each session was focussed on a vision that she wanted to achieve; confidence, assertiveness. During each session, she felt healed; that ‘blocks’ had been transformed into the light aspects that she desired, and were now part of her.

# Everyday Living

A core principal of Shamanism is to be consciously aware – in the present moment. As she learnt more about Shamanism, Jean learnt tools for everyday living. She learnt to stop regularly during the day to be mindful, to notice the small things that are usually missed and recognise them as signs of synchronicity. She remembered the ‘rules’ that are congruent with the Shamanic Way – The 8 Ways, channelled by Heather Price – to keep her on track.

In this way, Jean became who she is today – her authentic self. She is confident, happy, fulfilled and positive.

What about you?

Are you living life the way you want to? Do you feel that you are comfortable being yourself in all situations, or do you put on a mask and act as though you must be someone else in the theatre of life? Are you confident and happy? Are your relationships loving and caring?

Life is too short to not be confident and happy in the way you live it. Although changing the way it is now can be daunting, the outcome of change – transforming it – is beautiful as it brings the gifts of confidence, joy and peace and you become the best that you can be.

The added bonus of Shamanic practice is that it not only supports you with vital tools for living. It provides you with ‘culture’; a depth and richness to life that otherwise may not be there, as rituals, symbolism and conscious awareness bring colour and deep meaning to daily life.

If you would like to know more, please explore my website and any questions, please contact me.

Shamanic Journeys can turn your life around.

Shamanic Journeys use the language of the unconscious mind – ritual, narrative and symbolism – making them a powerful tool for transforming your life.

Have you ever felt weak and unequal to a situation; times when you lack confidence? Have you noticed that you are repeating unhealthy situations/relationships in your life? Do you find that life is anything but happy and relaxed?

Feeling threatened, not enough, stressed and anxious is soo uncomfortable. It makes life feel like a constant chore of survival rather than a walk in the park, so it’s very concerning that so many people live like this day in and day out.

Obstacles to change

I wonder then, why more people seem to accept the way they live rather than looking for another way?

What’s the problem?

It may be that life has always been a struggle and you aren’t aware that it can be different. It really doesn’t have to be so hard and uncomfortable. For example, John and Belle both grew up in families where their parents and siblings spoke in loud aggressive voices; in fact, if they didn’t they didn’t get heard. So, in turn, the family they were growing together was also full of the energy of conflict. They didn’t know that this is not the norm for everyone.

It’s too hard to make change happen.

Maybe you have tried to do things differently – you’ve separated from your partner and now you’re noticing negativity happening in your new relationship. This is really tough. It hurts in so many different ways, especially if you are trying to make change happen unsupported.

I don’t feel comfortable about seeking help.

When you ask for help, the invisible elephant in the room can be that if you ask for help, it means you’ve failed.  Messages implanted in your brain from past experience can be your worst enemy. Asking for ‘help’ is better translated as ‘healing’, ‘guidance’, ‘education’. You are not a ‘victim’ who needs ‘helping’ – you are a person looking for a new way of life.

Choosing Shamanic Journeying for Life Change

As a clinical counsellor, I looked for tools to support my clients and among the many modalities I learnt, Shamanism stood out. Many of the theories of modern psychology are drawn from Jung’s observation of indigenous communities across the world. Contemporary Shamanism applies them in truly practical ways. Like Indigenous cultures dating back to pre-historical times, contemporary shamanism recognises the power of ritual, of conscious awareness, of connection with nature, of the power of symbols and is a gentle and supportive framework that you can use to turn your life around.

While engaging in these practices is my choice of life-style, understanding and embracing shamanic practice isn’t necessary for you to achieve impressive results. Experiencing guided shamanic journeys – individually or in a group – is a powerful vehicle for change.

# Personal Journey

Take Jenny for example. She was tired of struggling to find her path in life. Her confidence was at a low point and she often felt life wasn’t worth living. She came to me because she wanted to be confident and strong. During our journey together, her traumatic childhood experiences, previously never told, were brought to the light and examined. The nature of the wounding she had experienced led to a deeper Shamanic Journey of ‘Soul Retrieval’. Following her Shamanic Journey, she no longer felt weak and inadequate. She felt complete, strong and more ‘together’ than she had ever before. Although there were more journeys to be experienced before she became fully into her power, she was well on the way.

# Group Journey

Jillian was stressed out and overwhelmed with work, family and study commitments. She never had time for herself. She decided to flex her work days and attend a Circle of Self-Care – a small group Shamanic Journey. During the journey, she learnt many techniques to bring self-care into her daily living and a plan to put them into action. She was armed with powerful symbols that she could call upon; symbols that helped her to be consciously aware of her stress levels and act before they escalated.

# Meditation

Joan suffered shortness of breath and heart palpitations; anxiety and sometimes panic attacks. She knew about meditation and practiced it with a cd but when she attended meditation where she was guided to breathe correctly, scan her body and release tension, and learn mindfulness, she was able to take the benefits of meditation into her daily life and effectively manage her condition.

Are you ready to turn your life around?

We are all on this planet to learn and most often we are reluctant to examine the things that hurt in our lives. I urge you to wait no longer. Shamanic practices are powerful and yet gentle tools where guidance and techniques release you from hurt and restrictions; empowering you to live fully and joyfully.


How Shamanic Journey Helps Solve a Dilemma


Confused ideas and choices entangled stops the flow forward

Confused ideas and choices become entangled and stop the flow forward

Angela’s heart was racing. Her chest contracted and fire burnt from her heart down her arms. Her throat was closed and tight. She wasn’t sure why this was happening, but she had been told it was a panic attack. She realised that for some time she had been worrying over changes she would ultimately have to make in her life and she was becoming more anxious as time progressed. She had heard about the gentle process of  a shamanic journey and how it would empower her to make her decisions.

When Angela came to see me, she was distressed. She was experiencing panic attacks and felt that her world was going to collapse. All this, because she couldn’t make a decision about what her next move would be. Either way, she felt that she would lose; that the change involved would be frightening and challenging. She wanted clarity. She wanted to be able to decide what was best for her from her heart – with confidence and courage.

Angela decided to have a session where she would be guided on a journey within. By journeying within, she would be able to explore the different scenarios of her choices and gain a true feeling about how each one would impact on her – without the distraction of her fearful brain. She would be fully supported and safe as she was guided on the journey.


Angela was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to journey; that her brain would stop her with too many thoughts. I supported Angela as she constructed a clear intention for her journey to ensure it would be purposeful. She breathed deep and slow and relaxed. With my guidance and the company of her spirit guides, she journeyed deep into the earth; into a cave.

After her journey, Angela was both surprised and enlightened by her experience. She said that as she visited the nooks and crannies of the cave in her journey, her experience showed her the reality of each of her possible choices. She hadn’t expected to be so connected with her feelings during the journey. She now felt confident with a clear vision of what she truly wanted to achieve and had new creative ideas to grow.

Before her experience, Angela was torn between several choices. She couldn’t decide what to choose because her fears and fearful brain were cluttering her mind, stopping her and leaving her more confused than ever. As time progressed, this became worse and was a continual assault upon her life. When she decided to act, a weight was taken off her shoulders.

The process of the Shamanic journey was gentle and supportive, boosting her confidence and understanding of who she truly is, and opened the way to a new chapter in her life.

When you want to make changes in your life – you feel stuck and yet want to move forward – you don’t have to do it alone. Shamanic journeys provide gentle guidance for you to find your way, and put your vision into action.

If you would like to journey with my guidance, please contact me. I offer private sessions, group healing circles and meditation.

How to fight your negative thought demons and win!

Kasha watched as a demon rose from the earth and solidified before her. Its bulging red eyes fixed on her and it moved to attack.

She took up her best ninja stance and conjured a ball of pure energy into her hands. As the demon approached, she took a deep breath and aimed. The energy ball shot forward.

There was a thunderous crack! The demon transformed into to smoky grey ribbons – dispersing into the ether.

negative thought demon
Thoughts are not only in your brain. They are physical energy and have substance. It is just that you can’t see them, as you can’t see air. Negative dark thoughts and the mind chatter worries are just like demons; rising and solidifying. They grow big and destructive. They activate your fear reaction, impeding your ability to think clearly so that you can solve the problem rationally. Anxiety becomes rife and a constant companion.

How to create your ‘energy ball’

Kasha conjured a ball of energy to fight the demon and you can do this too. She had to prepare and train to be able to do this and so will you. Here is how to go about it.

  1. Recognise when your demons are appearing.

Take time to write down your negative thoughts so that you are aware of when they are ‘attacking’. Make them physical and tangible – write the words or draw the story as suits your style. Acknowledging is always the first step for change. This means you are being consciously aware. Thought demons like the dark so in doing this, you are bringing them into the light.

  1. Demons love attention.

Demons love the energy of negative attention and get bigger and more substantial if you oppose them. When they arise, give them positive attention; notice them and acknowledge them.

  1. Prepare for transformation.

Energy ball ingredient #1: For each of the negative thoughts you are aware of, decide what thoughts will benefit you most, to replace your demons. Write these as affirmations – begin with ‘I’ and continue with words that say it is already happening. e.g. I am doing ‘this’ with ease.  (as opposed to ‘I can’t do this it’s too hard’ demon) These are powerful ingredients in your ‘energy ball’.

  1. Create your vision of how you want to be.

Energy ball ingredient #2: Take a quiet moment alone to breathe into your belly, relax and see yourself being confident and successful. This is a powerful ingredient in your ‘energy ball’.

  1. Hit those demons with your energy ball.

Once you have done step 4, take a breath into your belly, gathering positive energy, and bring your success image to mind. Now then replace them. Say the affirmation you have prepared several times.

Demons are Powerful

Remember the saying, “The bigger they are the harder they fall”? Often people spend their lives with these demons believing they are the truth. When you notice that you are feeling unhappy and not good enough, it is time to make those demons large and substantial so that they will fall hard and be transformed into the contents of your energy ball! – Your vision of being fully confident and successful. Remember this doesn’t just happen by itself. Transformation takes intention, preparation and practice.

Like to have some guidance?

I invite you to be guided to create your energy ball and transform your demons.

I am available for private sessions – A Calm and Connect Session will start your journey to freedom from thought demons!  Book a Calm and Connect session here.

Any questions? You are very welcome to contact me to discuss your needs.


Positivity: How to change the consequences of things you cannot change.

Emotional responses
I leant into the cupboard to retrieve my art materials. As I came up to standing, I was at first curious and then shocked, as blood streamed across my vision – my eye was bleeding inside. Just like that! I was blind in one eye and even though I knew it wasn’t permanent, my life for the next months would be severely impaired. I couldn’t drive. I couldn’t see anything on my left side. Reading was a challenge – to name but a few of many things I now couldn’t do normally. Suddenly I had joined the ranks of the partially disabled. How could this have happened to me?

Emotional choices

Emotional choices

Emotional choices

Emotional Choices: How do I want to be?

Having a vital part of you taken away, whether it be physical or situational, is a recipe for disaster and deep depression. I was blind in one eye. My perfectly healthy body had let me down. I couldn’t change the fact that my eye was blind. Everything was a chore. Going to the shops was even more unappealing than it was before – dizzyingly so!

Luckily for me, I have had an amazing life where I have been intensely curious about my emotions and feelings. I choose to live my life in a ‘shamanic’ way, and the guidelines of this path remind me to ‘live in the light’ and to ‘create joy’. This is what saved me from going down the depression path. I made a clear and conscious choice to make the most of my situation and be POSITIVE.

How to be positive in a negative situation.

It’s one thing to make a commitment and another to make it happen. How did I achieve being positive in what appears to be such a negative situation?

¨       I made a choice.

I used to think that emotions and feelings just happened to me. I now know this – I can make a choice about how I feel and dissipate the emotions that arise from negative feelings. I decided that I could choose to be miserable, or I could choose to shine the light on all the positive aspects of being forced to live my life differently. I discovered that, although I had previously been excited about my plans for the year ahead, I had quite a few projects I had put off for a long time and needed to complete. I now had purpose – I had found the positive outcome of my situation.

¨       I made a commitment.

Making a clear and determined commitment is needed to help you follow through. This is true for any changes you choose to make. When make a commitment, there are two main things to consider. Firstly, write it as though it has already been achieved, and secondly make it concrete – write it down and put it where you can see it.

¨       I had a vision.

Every morning I take time to vision my day or something of my choosing. In my situation, I came to vision myself feeling contented and happy doing the things I wished to complete. Visioning is traditionally thought of as having a visual image, but it is more than this. When you vision, bring your feelings into your vision – so visioning myself creating a dreamcatcher became – me feeling the joy, curiosity, serenity, inspiration as though I was present, doing it, in my vision – focus on the positive feelings.

¨       I transformed the negative.

Shamanic practice has taught me to be consciously self-aware. This is such a great tool. It means that I notice when I’m feeling negative before it can get too much of a hold on me. I have learnt to feel into it; acknowledge the feeling and its details. Acknowledging it brings it to the light – out into the open so that I can choose that this is not how I want to be, and change my direction.

¨       And looked for positive.

In her book “Positivity”, Barbara Frederickson says that moments of positivity come in tiny windows. None of us are positive all the time, or we wouldn’t be able to operate in this world. What I have learnt from her research, is that you can catch the fleeting moment when positivity occurs. (conscious self-awareness) MAGNIFY it. CELEBRATE it. CREATE JOY with this moment.

Taking action.

Throughout life things happen to you that you cannot change. It is easy to fall into despair and become immobile.  If you’re feeling like you’re falling into a great hole, falling often feels like the path of least resistance because you have no resources to do it differently. Doing it differently requires you to step up and do something to change the consequences of those things that you cannot change. Stepping up means that you have made the choice to find the benefits and illuminate them and bring them into being. The steps above are designed to help you to act to become positive – in small do-able parts.

Because it is difficult to action new ways of being without knowing what it feels like to be that way, Life Healing Journeys provide you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in this process with compassionate guidance.

Life Healing Journeys come in many forms; individual sessions, small group circles and workshops. These are advertised on and by newsletter.

Seasons Greetings with Love and JOY!

Add love to the world one heart at a time.
I’d like to wish you all the best for this festive Season!
I know it can create a lot of stress with the pressure to give presents, finances and not least, relationships.
This Season is about coming together with those you love. Families and friends sharing love, joy and happiness is what most of us dream of.
Many are dislocated from family and friends and this becomes even more difficult at this time considering the focus. Others come together with good intentions and differences get in the way; conflict arises.
How are you going to approach this time to ensure that the focus of love, joy and happiness comes to the fore? How will you be prepared so that you can transform discord to laughter? Please comment and share your ideas about how you do this.
Here is what I do my best to do!
I like to be prepared; that is to be conscious of how I am; how I’m feeling, stress levels, thought patterns, energy and so on.
Ask myself “How will I approach this with love?”
First fill myself with love – gratitude – positive thoughts – pamper myself and do things that bring me joy. If I’m happy others will want to be happy around me 🙂
Feel into my loving heart and know that this is how I want to be.
Let love overflow into all that I do
Notice when my wounded heart is getting in the way – send it love and healing
Notice when my negative brain is talking to me and transform these thoughts to positive talk.
We bring love and peace to the world starting with ourselves. We really can bring this change into being.
In love and gratitude,