Feelings of Stress and Anxiety engage the flight or fight response in the brain, readying the body to react to the ‘danger’ that it has detected.

Heart rate increases

                                          Blood pressure goes up

                                                                                                  Muscles tense …..


The whole body comes into a state of alertness ……

and you are now feeling the symptoms of anxiety. In the primitive World ‘fight or flight’ was needed to preserve life. This state of alertness prepares your body to perform its physical best. Talking doesn’t really cut it when your body needs to run or fight! So your body just stores it all up and becomes more anxious and stressed. As time passes you become used to this state of alertness and experience it as being normal. Tense muscles, increased heart rate, high blood pressure and shortness of breath put a huge strain on your body and this perpetual state of anxiety is a recipe for a breakdown – of both your mental health and your body.

How can counselling help?

Betsy will assist you to:

  • Learn strategies to reduce the physiological effects of stress.
  • Examine your life and achieve better work/life balance.
  • Identify the hidden stressors in your life.
  • Gain insight into underlying triggers of your stress and resolve them.
  • Learn how to deal with stressful situations more effectively.
  • Improve your feelings of self worth.
  • Find a different perspective to stressful situations.

Shamanic Practice allows you to go deeper into the unconscious and resolve past fears that may be the underlying cause of your feelings of stress and anxiety.