Create a Peace Altar

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Is World Peace a concern for you?

Do you feel powerless when you hear news about the pandemic, world conflict and foreign powers flexing their war muscles?

A Peace Altar marks a place in your living space that is sacred. It is created with intention – of world peace, peaceful community and inner peace. It is a sacred place that when you see it during the day, it brings your intention for peace consciously to you and the world. 

Manifesting Peace

Care for others without a doubt begins with caring about our own well-being. Unless one’s cup is full to overflowing, there is not enough to be able to give out to others. Frustration and feelings of being helpless to change what is happening in the World have a negative effect on our mood and energy. The Laws of Manifestation mean that what we think and feel are actually created. This means that if we want a positive, peaceful, loving world, we need to consciously create this energy – beginning with ourselves. This is why I created my Peace Altar.

A Peace Altar

A Peace Altar is a dedicated place made with intention to create peace. It is best located where you will see it or pass it during the day, bringing the intention of peace into your consciousness at that moment.

I will write this using the way that I perceive the Divine and I ask you to interpret and mould these ideas to fit with your personal beliefs. If you have been to Bali, you will know that the Balinese put out offerings to the Divine each morning. A little dish or basket with flowers, a little water and a little food. This is a simple act of devotion, creating a sacred reminder of the unseen that is Divinity.

I find that in the scheme of things, it is easy to forget all about the unseen Divine and my spiritual needs. When this happens, I become despondent and energy poor. By celebrating spirituality and all that means to me, I feel supported, I have clear intention for my life ahead and my energy returns. It is easy to be authentic in your caring and support for others when you are feeling good – happy and resilient in yourself.

I wonder where you will put your Peace Altar and what you will create it with?


This will depend upon the space you have and your living circumstances. You may create this with those you live with as a community/family or it may be privately yours. If you have space, a dedicated quiet room. If not, a window sill or a corner, or simply a vase or a special bowl or plate.


Here is a photo of my altar.

I began with a small Turkish mat that has good memories for me.

In the centre, is a lotus flower candle holder.

Surrounding this, I have a crystal to mark each direction – NSWE.

and other crystals that have positive meanings for me.

When I find feathers or flowers, I include them.

I also have in this picture, my clap sticks that I made in ceremony with Aunty Dinnawhan, and my talking sticks.


Each of these things are meaningful for me. They change over time and are kept refreshed.

A very special friend asked me to care for her salt lamp. At first I wasn’t sure where to keep it. A salt lamp needs to be kept on all the time, or it will disintegrate – especially in Summer humidity!

What better place to keep it than near my altar. It has taken a special place in my heart as its glow shines under the door at night reminding me that Spirit is here, near me; in me…. and when I enter the room in the morning and throughout the day, I am greeted by it’s ambiance and the special quality it adds to the atmosphere.

It makes no difference where your altar is, or what it looks like – a small vase with flowers, a bowl of shells – or where it is – on a shelf, in a room or a corner, or in your garden. The important factor is that when you create it, you create it with intention – to visit it daily, to breathe and relax, to spread love and peace to the four corners of the Earth, to stretch and exercise your body. It is these intentions and the actions you take in manifesting them that give your altar space the power to hold what is meaningful to you – to bring you peace and fulfilment and also the world.

What routine?

My routine has taken quite some time to settle into what is right for me. … and it will change. Recently I made a decision that it is to be the first action of the day for me, every day. And this has taken quite a bit of self discipline to carry out!

This is what I do, to give you the idea.

I light the candle and call Great Spirit into my space, expressing gratitude and recognising the part of Spirit within myself. I breathe in gold light and breathe it out to the world with my intention for peace and joy. Here, I add in anyone who I want to send to especially.

I put the candle down and do a Qi Gong morning routine that I learnt some years ago. It takes about 20 minutes and ends with a meditative section. This routine grounds me, stretches my body in all ways, encourages me to breathe deeply, and as I go I imagine the flow of energy and the light of spirit throughout the various movements.

I then play my flute or my drum for a few minutes, before blowing out the candle, thanking Great Spirit for remaining connected and supporting me.

Your routine will reflect your beliefs, interests and passions and also the intention you have set for your practice.


I discovered that having a permanent sacred place to mark my conscious intention for peace and creating daily ritual, my morning practice gives my day and my life meaning. My intention for peace which was previously a passing thought is now a physical, tangible ritual as I begin each day with ‘How can I be peaceful, grateful, abundant and bring that to the world today?’

I would love to see your altar! Please send a photo!

Blessings and Gratitude.