Tips to Living and Being Your Authentic Self. Know Yourself Well.

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Living and being your Authentic Self is to be comfortable in your own shoes. Regardless of the situation, the opinions of others and social trends, you will be confident and secure in how you express yourself to others and be in the world.

Do you notice that you fall into line

with the ways, opinions or actions of others

– because it’s easy – because they are in charge

– because you’re frightened of being assertive – because it means you’re accepted? 

When you come to terms with living and being authentically you, you will really notice the amount of stress that living up to the expectations of others, complying with the ways and opinions of others puts upon almost all aspects of daily living.

Living from your heart means that you need to know what resonates with you; what you feel good about in every aspect of your life.

What does ‘Living from Heart’ mean?

Modern society, career roles, belonging to a religion, a society or organisation subjects us to certain expectations regarding dress, behaviour, beliefs and opinions. Often these expectations aren’t aligned with how we truly feel inside but for the sake of a career, keeping people on side or keeping the peace, we go along with them and walk a tightrope trying to please at our own expense.

When you know yourself well, you are in touch with the feelings/sensations in your chest and belly. You are well aware of the voice in your head that is telling you that you MUST do this, or quietly telling you that ‘this isn’t me, but I’ll do it anyway.’ It may even be someone else’s voice from your childhood!

Living from your heart means that you listen to these inconsistencies and make changes that resonate with the happy, confident person you can feel responding to your actions in your chest and belly.

Courage to love yourself.

Loving yourself is the most important thing you can do for humanity. How you treat yourself is projected out into the world. Wen you know yourself well and show respect for yourself and act accordingly, you have the capacity for greater love. Things will change. You will find it rocky at times as you try on your authentic self, but ultimately it will bring joy to your heart. It takes courage to stand up to all of the conditioning we hold within. To speak our truth. To express ourselves authentically. However when you begin to love yourself, it feels really good to acknowledge what makes you happy and feel the elation when you have honoured your true self.

Tips to help you.
  1. Take a minimum of ten minutes every day to breathe into you belly, relax as you exhale and feel into your centre. Recognise what you are feeling there. Breathe in and breathe out any negative feelings you are aware of. Breathe in and breathe out as much as you need to. Then breathe in golden light from the Source ( the Sun if that is what you can imagine easily) – breathe it into your centre and let it light up your insides – breathe out down to Mother Earth and take another breath.
  2. Learn assertiveness skills. These will help you to express what you are thinking and feeling even when you sense that others may not agree. Assertiveness allows you to deliver your message kindly and non-judgementally.
  3. Allow others to have their opinion and don’t judge them – the way you want to be accepted (not necessarily agreed with) and not judged.
  4. I have found Don Miguel Ruiz’ The Four Agreements to be invaluable tools. Agree with yourself to bring these positive ways into your life and you will better be able to maintain your authentic equilibrium.
  • Agreement 1: Be Impeccable With Your Word.
  • Agreement 2: Don’t Take Anything Personally.
  • Agreement 3: Don’t Make Assumptions.
  • Agreement 4: Always Do Your Best.
Know Yourself Well

Like all good things in life, knowing yourself well takes time and it also takes the courage of taking action. The benefits you reap are yours for the having! After all, each of us has the choice of how we live and it seems a waste to live this gift of life in the shadow of others when we can all shine our own light.

Love and Blessings,